Thandaza Is leaving Muvhango

Sindi Dlathu known as Thandaza Mokoena just confirmed that she is leaving muvhanga, It’s been 20 years now acting on Muvhango. Thandaza said the reason why she is leaving Muvhango is because she want to grow , it’s time for her to grow and get some new opportunities in this industry

Motivational tips to People


Education is the key of all success , My african child keep on studying until you make it. education is like a lion cage but this cage is not permanently you might be rich one day. Please apply for bursaries , I know majority of you have tried to apply many times but they still fail. My Advice to you, start searching for different financial support that can help you achieve your dreams

Forex Traders/Forex Beginers

Some of people nowadays believe that forex trading can change their lives , I advice you to take a risk and try to make money, trading has a lot of money and it is true that forex can change your live. they say you don’t know what you have been missing until it arrives.  forex trade have changed a lot of people’s lives like Sandile Shezi and other traders who are well known.

learn to invest money, investment is the best plan that can make you balance your life, you can be rich until death and your children will also be rich, Have you ever went to a bank  just to try investing your money? if you haven’t please try and you will thank me later.

Loan for forex Start up

Some of the people cannot afford the start up of forex trade, all they have to do is to apply for forex loans, that can be helpful, taking a risk it’s beneficial. A loan of only R5 000 can change your entire whole life. Only a car can be riiden of the road but a human being can’t be, Do not discourage yourself hoping you cannot be the best , you can be rich, you can own everything. Do not afraid to study online , there is lot of free courses that you can attend online, learn to make money online


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